Public Consultation Meeting Summary 09/23

On Wednesday Sept. 23rd, 2020 a Public Consultation Meeting was held to discuss the proposed development at 200 Baribeau in the neighbourhood of Vanier. The meeting, moderated by Councillor Fleury, discussed the site plan and zoning process for the 92 townhome development, including approximately 10,000 square feet to be added to the existing St. Ambroise park. The public and community associations provided their feedback and questions at the end of the meeting. Since then, we have reviewed the feedback, responded to further email questions, and had several proactive phone calls with local community members. We've now compiled all the information below to provide additional feedback to the community. If you didn’t get a chance to submit your question at the meeting, please fill out our Survey here. We appreciate any and all feedback.

Park River Properties


  • The project exceeds the minimum parking requirements within the proposed zoning bylaw amendment. The aim of the project is to ensure sufficient parking for the current market demand and to ensure minimal on-street parking situations.

  • If required, there is additional on-street parking available along Landry and Baribeau on both sides of the street. It was important in the design to provide uninterrupted sidewalks along these sections so that the impact on the adjacent properties was mitigated.


  • Transportation impact was assessed and reviewed against the City requirements, and it was noted the trip generation from this development is comparable to trip generations to the previous use.

  • Based on the requirements of the rezoning application, a transportation impact study was not required by the City of Ottawa.

  • There was significant concern about accessing the Vanier Parkway through Meilleur Private. It is expected that residents will not use this for access, as there are alternative routes that are more direct. We will work with the city to ensure we do everything we can to mitigate these risks.

  • Below, we’ve outlined the optimal routes to leave the development to nearby main roadways:

Route to Vanier Parkway

Route to Downtown Ottawa

Green & Parkspace

  • We are adding approximately 10,000 square feet to the existing park as part of the development. Aside from the extension, we are thoroughly reviewing the landscape plan to ensure that the species of trees and plants selected are those that will continue to thrive in an urban environment.

  • We are collecting information from the community on what you would like to see included in the expansion of the park. Please fill out our Survey here and leave your comments & feedback. We will provide this feedback to the City of Ottawa’s Recreation and Parks Department, as well as engage with the Councillor to determine the best use for this important space.

Pedestrian Access

  • The internal traffic will be limited to the residents that live in the new development, as there is no benefit for through traffic to use the internal streets. This will help to ensure that most of the traffic, being residents and/or guests, will be mindful and operate their vehicles carefully when driving on the internal streets.

  • There is an internal sidewalk route from Baribeau Street to the newly expanded park space that can be used by the community.

  • We will be re-evaluating our traffic calming measures with our consultant to ensure best practices are implemented.

  • We were initially exploring the option to connect to the land located at the North-West section of the site to the land owned by Ottawa-Carleton Common Elements Condominium Plan No. 825, but based on the feedback, we will be removing this from the proposal.


  • This project is a unique opportunity to provide dense urban development that is an alternative to apartment living. The development provides future residents with additional flexibility to remain in the community should they require more space in the future, when compared to the alternative apartment options.

  • The proposed density is aligned with the requirements of the surrounding zoning provisions for the adjacent properties.

  • This urban infill development is aligned with the intensification targets that are aimed at reducing urban sprawl.


  • Will are evaluating a potential redesign of the balcony on the second level to understand the impact on privacy. Bringing the amenity space to the ground floor with a small area for a BBQ and stairs leading to the ground level is an option currently being considered.

Snow Removal

  • With two connecting communities, we need to take into consideration any operational challenges and disruptions to the neighbouring area’s snow removal process.

  • The site currently has two separate areas for snow removal to be stored temporarily.

  • We have approached snow removal contractors to review the site and determine an acceptable approach to ensure the site provides adequate storage areas to effectively manage snow removal.


  • Each unit has a garage that can be enhanced with customized storage solutions that provide adequate room for seasonal storage. The use of shelving along walls, storage at the back of the garage, and potentially storage above the garage door could be viable solutions for storage, depending on the residents needs.

  • Below we have highlighted storage areas in the garage:

Garage Storage Space – Back-to-Back Two Bedroom

Garage Storage Example

Rooftop Terraces

  • We are currently reviewing the option for rooftop terraces, which has been requested by many. We are evaluating the cost impact to ensure this potential option does not conflict with our objective to provide an affordable alternative to apartment living.

Contamination and Abatement

  • We have engaged with a qualified leader in the abatement industry to ensure that any hazardous materials are properly removed from the property and disposed of using best practices.

  • Asbestos removal will be conducted according to city and environmental rules and regulations.

  • Contaminated soils will be removed from the site as part of the site preparation. These soils will be disposed of using the appropriate facilities.

Garage Removal/Demolition

  • The site is currently an active construction site and has debris stored in various areas. There is a ‘’soft demo” happening within the building to allow access to areas of contamination (ie: drywall parging, ceiling space, pipe insulation). Any debris is being thrown outside so it does not interfere with the process, nor has any hazardous material in it.

  • The property has been secured with construction fencing to ensure the safety of nearby residents.

  • The physical demolition of the building is planned for mid October 2020, at which point the entire building and all debris will be removed.

  • We will re-evaluate our security measures to add signage identifying No Dumping on site, with potential camera surveillances set-up.

Water Management and Flooding

  • The ground is lower along the South and West property line to maintain drainage conditions. A series of rear-yard drains will capture and convey runoff to the storm sewer.

  • The grade raise primarily affects the interior of the development.

  • The proposed grade raise for the new roads is generally from 0.50m-0.75m, with a local maximum of about 1.0m. The grade is left lower along the South and West property lines for drainage reasons.

  • Foundation drains are proposed at each building with an outlet to the storm sewer. Some of the rear-yard drains will have perforated pipe to improve drainage conditions.

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