On-Site Progress: Pre-Construction

With the existing site now vacant (former public school who recently moved into a new facility) the abatement process can now begin, which will be followed by the demolition phase commencing on October 22nd, 2020.

In order to ensure that the surrounding community is safe and secure during the abatement and demolition process, we will be implementing several security features to the site. Fencing will be installed around the perimeter along the property line. This will safely isolate the construction site to the public, and limit access to construction personnel only. We will also have 6 ft. high modular fencing along Baribeau and Landry St., and maintain the existing 8ft chain link fence which is along the west side of the site. In addition to fencing and secure access, Baribeau Street Development Inc. has engaged a third party security firm to monitor the site during off-hours. We've requested services for evening drive-by patrols and site tours, monitoring the site and surrounding community. As our new community takes shape, it is the utmost importance to us that we create a safe and secure site for everyone. If you notice anything in the neighbourhood that should be brought to our attention, please contact us at the details below: Email:

Current Site Photos

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