Through engaging in meaningful discussions with community stakeholders, we can collaborate to build better communities that align with our core value to create integrated communities where people thrive.

Our goal is to utilize this site to solicit feedback and learn about the obstacles and challenges the community is facing.


With your help, we will be able to create the best possible project that will form part of the community for decades to come. 

200 Baribeau

A low-rise freehold townhome development that will attract a diverse community looking for an alternative to condominium ownership.



Baribeau Street Development Inc. has acquired the site located at 200 Baribeau St. and developed a redevelopment concept to replace the now vacant existing school.

The aging infrastructure and general layout of the school made the building obsolete for the previous owner. The decision was made to relocate to a new and modern facility and the property was listed for sale. Park River worked closely with the previous owner to provide a smooth transition for the school into their new facility. Our vision includes a range of freehold townhome options with an expansion of St. Ambroise Park.


92 Townhomes

Central Location

Parks & Greenspace

Safe & Enjoyable

Consisting of traditional, rear-lane, and back-to-back townhomes.

Situated just outside the downtown core and nearby the Rideau River.

Explore St. Ambroise park right in your backyard, or the many nearby parks alongside the Rideau River.

The development will help improve the safety of the surrounding area by adding additional residents.


We are seeking a rezoning to permit residential development in an area that is currently zoned for institutional uses.

Further, the development is going through an extensive review process with the City of Ottawa where residents in the community are able to submit comments to improve the concept. 


The development requires a Zoning By-law Amendment to remove the existing institutional zoning and to apply a residential fourth density zone. A Site Plan Control application is required for the City to review, in great detail, all aspects of the proposed development. 


The process for these two applications runs concurrently. The City advises us exactly what plans and reports are required, which are then submitted along with the applications. 


The proposed project is then reviewed in its entirety by various planning departments. Revisions and responses are provided back to the City during this review process. 


Following the review of the proposed Zoning details, City planning staff prepare a Report to Planning Committee which summarizes the project and identifies their recommendation to Planning Committee. If the recommendation is to approve the applications, and Planning Committee carries this recommendation, it then proceeds to City Council where it obtains final approval. From this point there is a 20-day appeal period, in which anyone who has submitted written or verbal comments to Planning Committee on the application is able to appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal for a fee. 


Once the Zoning Amendment is approved, the Site Plan Control process will continue with its final review and response process. Once all issues identified by the City have been addressed to their satisfaction, the City prepares a Delegated Authority Report (DAR) - also known as "Draft Approval of Site Plan". This report lists all approved plans and studies with their correct version numbers and dates, and it also contains all applicable conditions to the development, such as the requirement for qualified engineers to be present on site when construction takes place, among numerous other detailed conditions.


The DAR must be concurred to by the developer and the Councillor's office. Once this document has been concurred, all relevant information is then sent to the City Legal Department where the Site Plan Agreement is formally drafted. 

This proposed residential is consistent with policies for intensification within the urban boundary and it results in the removal of a prohibited use from an Area of Reduced Flood Risk. The development offers 92 townhome units which will add variety of unit type to the area and increased opportunities for buy-in to the community. As part of this development, an extension to the existing park is being proposed. The planned functions of this park (i.e. basketball court, etc) has not been determined - feedback from community on this matter is also encouraged and appreciated. 




Park River Properties is looking to engage with the community in a meaningful dialogue that will further enhance the design of the project and better the community.

We will have a series of surveys and forums to gather as much information as possible and
share progress on the development.


The previous site was a school - Aylul Bayt Islamic School - who has now moved into a new, modern facility.  The building no longer suited their needs and the school secured another site that provided more modern amenities and flexibility for programming. 

Once the property was listed publicly, an offer was submitted and negotiated with the school.  Park River Properties worked closely with the school to ensure a smooth process, providing flexibility for the school to extend their tenancy on site as needed. The school left the premises at the end of July 2020.

Site Plan Update
We've made the following revisions to our site plan based on the comments from the City and public. The new site plan can be found in our planning documents, and the below images illustrate the changes made. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have:


  • Reduced the number of units by 4 (92 Total) 

  • Added two additional visitor parking spaces

  • Included additional open space between units

  • Increased setbacks between buildings

  • Confirmed snow storage with multiple service providers



As part of our commitment to the local community, we will be putting in several measures to ensure a safe and secure site while demolition and construction are in progress. 

Below is a list of the safety features and processes we are implementing, along with an execution timeline:

  • Security monitoring from 5pm to 6am during weekdays
    and 24hrs/day on weekends. 

  • 6 foot modular fencing on Baribeau Street, linking to 
    Landry Street on the rear of the site. 

  • Existing 4 foot chain link fencing along Carillion. 

  • 8 foot chain link fencing along Meilleur Private Development. 




  • The site has fencing around the perimeter which will remain there throughout the demolition process, from now until end of November 2020.

  • We are currently obtaining quotes from vendors and looking at how fencing will proceed once demolition is complete. 6 ft. modular panels will be put into place starting Decembers 2020 and onwards.



  • We will be obtaining quotes for temporary security services to monitor the site after hours throughout the demolition process. We want to ensure that the site remains safe and secure for all community members.


Site Tours

  • Our construction manager is on site three times a week during regular work hours to review and monitor the abatement and demolition process. This will continue until demolition is completed at the end of Nov. 2020.



  • Once the demolition phase is complete, the bare site will continued to be fenced in around the perimeter with 6 ft. modular panels.

  • Site utilities work and the start of construction is likely set to begin in April 2021, at which point we will review the requirement for continued off-hours monitoring services by a 3rd party security firm.